Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips


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01. How can I protect my privacy?


There are a number of ways you can protect your privacy on the Plantswap website – but remember, you are ultimately responsible for providing information about yourself. Here is some helpful advice you may like to consider:
1) When creating a post – you don’t have to type in your full home address. You can choose to only use your suburb name.
2) Only use the Plantswap chat box when initially communicating with other plantswappers – all conversations via the chat box are recorded and available our admin team.
3) Before engaging someone, check their previous posts, history and contributions and satisfy yourself they are legit.
4) This link will take you to your account’s privacy settings where you can adjust them accordingly.

02. Swapping, selling or giving away illegal plants

Don’t do it!

Chances are if you are trying to swap, sell or find illegal plants such as Marijuana, Tobacco or Coca you will get caught. So the bottom line is DON’T DO IT! We will remove any posts that are illegal in nature as we don’t want the hassle of a court case.

03. Dealing with abusive language and bullies

Protect yourself

Foul language, bullying and threats will not be tolerated. If you feel someone is threatening you, verbally abusing you or bullying you, you have the options to report them, or simply block them.

04. Transporting soil cross-state or within state or territory

Redants is a problem

Make sure you always check your pots and soil for any traces of redants or other baddies such as the Japanese beetle grub. There are very strict rules around moving soil and heavy penalties. Please check with your local authorities if you aren’t sure. I know that in Queensland, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries looks after this. It doesn’t cost you anything to check your soil and it could save you a world of headache down the track.

05. Transporting Bananas across States, Territories or Shires

Bunchy top Bananas

The banana bunchy top virus can and has caused ravage to banana crops, and stringent rules have been introduced around the relocation of banana plants in Qld. Check the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries‘s website for more information in Qld. You can only purchase banana plants from registered banana culture farms where they are grown under special conditions from cultures (in test tubes). You will need to obtain a permit from DAFF before any bananas can be transported.

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