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Canary Island Date Palms…..free - I have two Canary Island Date Palms. You will have to dig them out and transport them away at your own cost. Tree (1) is 2 metres high at trunk and is 3.2 metres in circumference. Tree (2) is 1.6 metres high at trunk and is 2.7 metres in circumference.
Peppermint shoots - Hey Plantswappers, I have peppermint shoots / seedlings to give away. Who's interested? PM me… Organicus.
rubarb plant - i have a established rhubarb plant which come from a root division it is producing good stalks of rhubarb as i still have the parent plant this is access to my needs . i like to swap for vegtable seedling or seed or fruit trees i can put in large pot due limited of space
Peruvian Mint – Huacatay seeds - Hey everyone, I have Peruvian Mint seeds to give away – the plant is known in Peru as "Huacatay" and is used in many sauces and delicious dishes. Yes, it smells minty and looks a bit like Marijuana but I have never tried to smoke it. Maybe you'd like to be the first? PM if […]
Give away flat leaf parsley seeds - Hey everyone, My parsley is full of lowers and I have a lot of flat leaf parsley seeds to give away. PM me if interested. Organicus
Looking for Red/Burgundi Frangipani tree - Hello fellow Plantswappers, I am looking for a red/burgundy Frangipani tree. I am prepared to travel to Sunshine or Gold Coast to pick it up. Please PM me if you have one you wish to part with, we can discuss a swap arrangement… Cheers, Henry
Looking for Million Hearts – Dischidia ruscifolia - Hey everyone, I am really keen to find one of these and am willing to travel Gold/Sunshine coasts or out West to grab one. Here is a link on wikipedia Million Hearts. Doesn't it look just beautiful??
Give away Crassula Ovata Money Tree - Hi everyone, I am giving away small money tree cuttings (these have roots). The latin name is Crassula Ovata. Just PM me for time and location for pick up. Cheers, Henry
Give away – Frangipani rooted cutting (white and yellow) - Hey everyone, I am giving away a Frangipani tree cutting that I have planted in a pot a few weeks ago. This cutting has one main trunk "branch" that divides into three branches. It is 2 feet tall. It is white flowered (they have a yellow centre part as per photo). First in best dressed. […]
Selling Galangal (Thai Ginger) root bulbs - Hello there, I am selling Galangal (Thai Ginger) root bulbs. These are just like ginger but have a sweeter fragrance and are more spicy in flavour than your common ginger. The bulbs will be pulled straight out of the ground – I have a large bush of Galangal – so you will be getting some […]
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