01. How do I use the search engine widget?

Using the search functionality

Enter keyword…The search widget below the map lets you tweak search criteria to better help you find what you are looking for. There are four sections here:

Search keyword

Search keyword

Type the name of the plant you are looking for in the “Enter Keyword…” field. e.g. Bamboo, Thyme, Ironbark Eucalyptus etc…This field is not case sensitive. If you leave this field blank, the search engine will return ALL plants that match Postcode/Suburb name and/or Category selection.

Search Postcode…

Search by Australian Postcode or Suburb name

Search by Australian Postcode or Suburb name

The “Search postcode…” field is used to restrict the plant search to find plants that are located in a specific Australian georgraphical area. As you start typing an Australian postcode or suburb name, this field auto-populates with a selection from our database. Please make sure you use the correct format of POSTCODE, SUBURB NAME as it appears in the autocomplete menu below, otherwise it becomes blank when you click off it. The reason this was done is to restrict search functionality to Australian Postcodes and Suburbs only as this is an Australian website. Also, the current search radius is configured at 50klms, so any matching search results within a 50 kilometre radius of the postcode or suburb you typed will be returned. You can remove search by postcode/suburb behaviour by leaving this field blank, and the search engine would return Australia-wide results. Please note* each Postcode, Suburb combination has Latitudinal and Longitudinal values associated with it. So when you create a new Ad, the address need not be exact (you can use the suburb name if you prefer) as the Search Engine searches by Latitudinal and Longitudinal proximity.

02. What do the map markers represent?

Map Markers

The above icons represent each plant category available on Plantswap. When you create an ad, you choose the plant category according to the type of plant that you:

Are Looking for

Are giving away for free

Or; Are selling

The plant category is then used across the plantswap website to determine the icon that appears with your ad. This includes Map Markers (i.e. the marker that shows the location of your plant on the map).
* Note * In addition to the category marker, the small icons above appear on ad markers according to the type of ad the plant owner has created.

03. What are the icons in the Infobox?

InfoBox explained

InfoBox definitionThe InfoBox is the box that pops up when you click on a marker. Its anatomy is broken down as follows:

Ad owner's avatarThis is the avatar of the plant owner (or the person who created the Ad). This icon is clickable and takes you to their profile.

Ad title short summary of plantThis is the title of the Ad as written in the “Title” field when the ad was originally created. It should be a brief description describing the type of plant that this ad represents. This field is not clickable.

Clickable link to the Ad itselfThis is a clickable link that takes you to the plant ad itself. In this instance, by clicking the word “details” you would be redirected to the page Plant ad outlining the “Rose bush to be given away”

Price of AdThis is the price of the plant. The word “Free” changes to a dollar value when the “Ad Price” field is not left blank when the Ad is created.

Press the 'x' to close the windowWhen you press the ‘X’, the InfoBox closes.

04. Geo-location - what is it and how do I use it?

Geo-location – explained

Plantswap gives you the option to search for plants by Postcode or geographical location. The Geo-location option is disabled by default. You can slide the slider circle to the left, or to the right to increase or decrease the search radius.
You can also enable or disable Geo-location by clicking on the ” ” icon. If you have a mobile device, it will request you to turn on your GPS system (if not already enabled). If you accept, the icon changes colour and the word “on” appears below the icon.
The search radius is 50 kilometres by default, but you are able to increase this to a 1000klms search radius.
Geo-location enabled:
Geo-location disabled:

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