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Giving away an edible cassava manioc yuca tapioca plant - Free

Hey all, this plant is a bit of a hard one to describe…

Most Pacific Islanders, Latin Americans and Asians will probably know what this is – it has a number of names that includes "Yuca", "Cassava", "Manioc" and "Tapioca" (actually I think that tapioca is the name of the dried roots turned into flour).

I can give some branch stems for propagation to those who are interested.

I have flagged this plant as a vegetable because the roots are edible and are delicious!!

The latin name is "Manihot Esculenta" and the link to the plant's wikipedia page is here:


Just PM me for more details.


38 Inskip Street, Rocklea QLD 4106, Australia

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