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False cardamom plant – giving away root bulbs - Free

Hey all,

I am giving away some False Cardamom root bulbs. The only catch is you have to come over and dig it up yourselves! Limit is 2 bulbs per person.

These plants have some very fragrant leaves (they do smell like cardamom). I've previously used the leaves in my rice cooker and they fragranced the rice. But to my dismay, I've waited more than 5 years for these plants to give cardamom pods and when I read up on it, I realised these were fake!

So it's time to trim the bush back and get some real Cardamom pods. I am happy to swap if you have some of the real plant bulbs and roots?

Just PM (Private Message) me for more details.


38 Inskip Street, Rocklea QLD 4106, Australia

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