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The above icons represent each plant category available on Plantswap. When you create an ad, you choose the plant category according to the type of plant that you:
Are Looking for
Are giving away for free
Or; Are selling
The plant category is then used across the plantswap website to determine the icon that appears with your ad. This includes Map Markers (i.e. the marker that shows the location of your plant on the map). * Note * In addition to the category marker, the small icons above appear on ad markers according to the type of ad the plant owner has created.


By enabling Geo-location, the map will centre to your current location, and you will be able to search around your current position. You can slide the slider circle to the left, or to the right to increase or decrease the search radius.
You can enable or disable Geo-location by clicking on the " " icon. The Geo-location option is disabled by default. If you click on the icon, your browser will prompt you to share your location with Plantswap. If you have a mobile device, it will request you to turn on your GPS system (if not already enabled). If you accept, the icon changes colour and the word "on" appears below the icon.
The search radius is 50 kilometres by default, but you are able to increase this to a 1000klms search radius.
Geo-location enabled:
Geo-location disabled:

For more detailed information on search bar functionality and definitions, please follow this link to the Frequently Asked Questions page.
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